Monday, June 29, 2009

A couple of things that are on my mind ...

The first thing - I think that people who operate chainsaws should need a license. A chainsaw is kinda a big deal. They cut down trees and have the ability to cut anything in half . So it's required by law that you have to have a driver's license to operate a motor vehicle and a bicycle but any idiot that shops at Fleet Farm can buy a chainsaw? A chainsaw requires gas to operate - so does a car. A chainsaw requires constant attention to what you are doing - so does driving. A chainsaw requires a talent to operate - so does a car . A chainsaw knocks down trees - so do cars. A chainsaw can kill someone - so can a car. I think people are more likely to lose a limb with a chainsaw then a car ... hmmm.

The second thing - If you have the time and money to pay for a two hour massage each week you should be donating some money to charity. And also you should not be calling an establishment and requesting something longer then a 75 - minute massage and get sassy when the operator tells you it's not an option. If you are paying that much money for two hours of your day each week for a stranger to touch your body- you have bigger problems. No, I don't think you are something so special for having the time and the money to do this. I feel sorry for you if you have the time to do this. Get a hobby or go to church. I think a couple of "Our Father's" are in order ...

The third thing - who invented the game of "hopscotch" and why? really?

The fourth thing - why am I not clever enough to think of something like "SpongeBob"? $$

The fifth thing - why do I feel guilty for killing a spider the size of a baby hamster?? I know it's not his fault for being so disgusting and hanging out in my Jeep door and scaring the $h!t out of me ... but ... eeek geek! Then once I heard his poor gross abnormally large body hit the ground I got sad. But really - what did I think was going to happen? I build him a spider condo and he lives happily ever after? Not likely.

peace =) diana

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