Wednesday, July 1, 2009

{blank stare}

If I had ever had a daughter obviously I would tell her not to take off her clothes for money, or any reason really. Anyway - obviously posing naked is not something any parent wants their child to do when they get older ... however have you ever watched, "Girls Next Door"? What's up perfect life? I know we don't see everything but from what I saw, it looks like a pretty sweet life. What - running around with insane tube socks on while driving a pink golf cart doesn't sound awesome to you? {blank stare} And have you ever seen Kendra's house? Minus the stripper pole (some people have no tact) in the living room - it's an amazing house. That goes nicely with her amazing car, her perfect wedding at a huge mansion (where she used to live...) and I am sure her bank account looks just as good as she does. Every parent wants their child to succeed, make a lot of money, drive nice cars and live in honking huge houses. And every parent encourages their children to aim for the stars - the sky's the limit!! - so what do I say if my *hopefully* future daughter comes up to me one day and says, "Motha I wanna show my tatar tots off to the world!" Do I stipulate where she is allowed to show them off? Like, "Sorry *hopefully future daughter named inserted here* the only place you can pose naked for is Playboy or MySpace." MySpace because that is where Holly found a playmate. You gotta keep your options open ... well not really. I am more then positive that conversation won't ever take place. In large amount because I will never have a daughter - I am destine to have boys. Four naughty, nerd eating, wall peeing BOYS. {blank stare}

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  1. Sure... great life except that sleeping with an old-crochity man thing!!!