Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What the Hello Kitty?

Hi Blog Life! - what's shaking?

I am so annoyed right now - with myself. =)

So I was wasting my time poking around Wal - Mart tonight and I saw someone I knew but I didn't really want to talk to. So I detour my random route and stop and look at cereals. While I am comparing Kashi to Special K I had a random thought, (no way - me? random? whatev)... My thought was - Who the heck am I to think I am avoiding them? For all I know and I am willing to bet, they were avoiding me just as much as I was avoiding them. I am annoyingly friendly and I am sure strangers who have no idea who I am avoid me because I always walk around with a big dumb ass smile on my face and if you sneeze - my son and I will say "God bless you" and expect a thank you. Who wants to be recognized for sneezing and then have to thank someone for saying "God bless you" while shopping for tampons? Peanut Butter? Oatmeal? Or in my case nothing?

So I guess the moral of this nonsense blog is - Don't think that you are too good to stop and say hello to someone just because you think you are better then them (because really are we any better then the next person - no), or too busy or just don't have the time to stop and make random small talk. Chances are as much as you don't want to stop and talk - they don't want you to stop and talk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

An idea once - then lost forever

So I was just thinking about what to write in this blog. I just ended with a sassy blog and I wanted to over compensate for the sake of my blog with a happy fun blog. How many freaking times can I use the word "blog" in two sentences? Three I guess. ANYWAY. On a more positive note - I still love SpongeBob! And why not? He's adorable. I also still love Hello Kitty for the same reason. Also VW bugs and fuzzy bunny slippers. Yeah!

A lot of times I can sit down at the laptop and just start writing without any direction or idea and it usually ends with something. Tonight is different. I don't know if it's because I am so discouraged with playing the lottery or if because all of the SpongeBob's today were repeats I didn't like or what. But I am at a loss for words. I guess I could tell you about my day. My day was okay. Okay is okay with me!

I woke up today so tired because of those dang bees and that sassy thunderstorm. But I was able to wake up to two of the most handsome men in this whole world. Now before you really start to think I am a freak - I am talking about my husband and son. Sam made his way into our bed right when the storms started. He's so cute and polite when he comes into our bed. Onto work. Work was good. I left work only to enter "Hell". It had to have been 999 degrees with a humidity level of 200%. It was insane. I was so hot. Once I got home and changed and turned on some air things were fine again. I googled "make money at home scam" only to come across 4,500,000 hits. The most hits yet! Yes!! A new record!!!

Have you ever been to a gravel pit? How much fun are all those stones?

Well I figured my random ramblings would turn into something I had fiery passion for - but no such luck. Story of my freaking life. Much like playing the lottery - no such luck. So my husband just got home. He told me he wanted a hair cut, I told him to take off his pants. He said why and I said why not. It was a weird conversation.

Night! - diana


Who the heck made up the word "tinkle" to reference the act of urinating?

A couple of things going on in my life ...

My in-laws visited this past weekend - my Step Mother - In - Law thinks I am weird. Big surprise! Thanks Judi! =)

A handsome co worker who will remain nameless for the sake of his own pride has been taking my FEMALE vitamins. Now know, I only referenced him as handsome so you would make the assumption he was a male. He'll be alright. =)

Honey Bee's have taken up residency in our townhouse wall. I am a big fan of not killing things that shouldn't be killed - however ... for the love of the queen bee could you shut the hell up between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.? I would like to sleep. They can make honey at any time of the day - that's like their job. Although I did read some speculation that once the bees start to disappear that's the beginning of the end of man kind as we know it. I always knew women would rule the world. Perhaps I should exterminate these peckers?

Brett Micheals played at Sheboygan's Brat Days this past weekend. I know I am a nobody compared to his skany life - but I would like to volunteer some advice to Mr. Brett Micheals. Don't come back to Sheboygan. You didn't do a good job.

I feel slightly salty tonight. I think it's conveying into my blog. My happy fun blog is now a salty downer blog. Boo.

So this summer so far - blows. It's been either cold and rainy or hot and humid. Neither of which work well for my hair type.

On a more positive note, I played the lottery the other night. I didn't win. That's good because it shows that something is consistent in my life.

My baby turned 3 this past week! 3!! I am so proud of him! He's so smart and so handsome - and now so old!!!!

TaTa for now!!