Sunday, July 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - is ALIVE - I told you ...

Okay, okay, okay. I know he's not "physically" alive (or is he? I think he is - dang it), however he's soon to become the fire that burns bright in every woman's heart. I read on some web site that they (they?) are planning on turning locks of MJ's hair into DIAMONDS. Okay, so diamonds are my best friend, Michael Jackson screams my name in "Dirty Diana" and I think the combo of both is a beautiful thing ... but hello - is this not weird? Obviously the amount of money this "diamond" is going to bring in is huge. And everything else that has to do with Michael Jackson and his freakish life are just as strange - but why would someone think it would be a good idea to create diamonds out of his hair? I believe it's disrespectful to the dead (?) man's body and whoever buys these diamonds would be completely weird. Although I am not going to lie - I will look for the diamonds on ebay. I guess this whole diamond process will just reconfirm the strangeness that encased his life.

Anyway - a few things that are on my mind right now ...

Where the hell do fruit flies come from? No, I don't have any yet but I just wonder? One time my friend Balls and I found an old bag of powdered sugar. It was like a college campus of fruit fly eggs. I don't want to mention, but I will, the old potato that I found right next to it. I suspect that was the source of the bugs but wow. They totally grow out of nowhere. Did the human population start out of nowhere too? Look at how easy it is for fruit flies to establish a system off of a rotting potato - let alone where the humans started. On Planet X I am sure =)

I love watching Law & Order SVU. I totally think that Elliot and Olivia should just do it. And by "it" you know what I mean. I love those two together. I need to get a life ....

I was going to buy Sam an ant farm for his birthday - well I didn't. I realized that the gift would have been more for me then my son. I love ants. They are amazing creatures. They give true meaning to teamwork and loyalty more then humans do. Perhaps ants were supposed to be the prime life form on earth and humans just grew too big and crushed them? Perhaps I will ask for an ant farm for my birthday instead of those adorable bunny slippers I found. Probably not. I will build my own ant farm!

Okay so this post is so long and so random --- the story of my life!

Anyway - I ended up buying Sam an adorable "Cars" block thing that he picked out (no ant farm) and I need to go to bed!

xoxo - have a beautiful night! diana

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  1. I agree- I want to know where the fruit flies come from- cuz man- they always find my kitchen! is it cuz I always have fresh fruit???