Monday, July 6, 2009

And all that glitter is gold!

*side note* It is currently 9:35 p.m. and it is pitch black, dark outside . That's not my point - my point is there are kids outside skateboarding - what the flip are their parent's doing???? Why are these kids outside when it's so dark?? If they hit my Jeep, I will be the one to get sued. Somehow it will be my legally parked Jeep that's at fault because these kids are outside skateboarding. Kudos to the legal system ... anyway ...
I am only a little bitter about parking on the street because the mail man once hit my car and said to me, "it's the big bumper", instead of admitting fault. And then - guess what. I received a note on my car - THE NEXT DAY - telling me to not park in front of the mailbox. Excuse but don't my taxes pay your salary? I will park wherever the flip I want to. If I carried letters around all day I would be a bit salty too, but this dude drives his little go cart, I mean mail truck all over town. I once remember when me and my bff ex roomie saw a mail truck being towed. How funny. We still laugh when we see a mail truck.
****There are sirens coming close to our house!! I think someone called the cops on me because I threw a Lego at my husband. It was an accident!! ****

Back to the mail truck. I remember one day shortly after the monster mail man hit my innocent VW bug my sister was over for a visit. It had snowed a few days prior and the roads were rather icy. All of a sudden out of nowhere we hear this awful "rug burn" sound. We look outside and see the monster mail truck STUCK outside by the mailbox. Please keep in mind my car was NOT parked out there due to the sassy letter I received days before. Anyway Mr. Monster Mail Truck hits a patch of dry land and TAKES off down the road sideways. So as poor Louie (the mailman) tries to regain control of his out of control monster mail truck, my sister is standing by the window yelling, "That {choice word that begins with an "F") better not hit my car!!". I gave her an old person frown and told her to relax because now poor Louie was stuck just a few feet away again. Why do they make the tires on mail trucks so dang small??!? Thank God for my VW but sad for me, I have never seen Louie the mail carrying, car hitting, slippery driver ... again. That just goes to prove everyone has a bad day at work.

Peace =) diana

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