Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday & Monday - Hello Sunday & Monday!

It's 6:20 on Monday night. It feels like a Wednesday though because I had to work this past weekend. The weekend went pretty alright - aside from the balding lady with one leg longer then the other and the other woman with dragon eyes who stared at me so long I thought she was going to kill me - things went great! The balding lady with the "stump" leg was so rude. And so were her daughters. Her much older then me daughters - anyway - Ms. Bald Stump's daughter kept saying, "Interesting" to everything I said. Either she doesn't get out much or she thought I was nuts. Interesting...

Nothing else really is going on. I am a bit concerned with North Korea and their insane leader - this is going to be the start of a nuclear winter ... just wait. eeek! I am watching the Simpsons right now that I recorded last night. It's pretty funny. Boy oh boy is Homer so dumb! ;)

Okay well I must go and do something other then sitting on the computer. I bet if we didn't have a lap top I wouldn't spend so much time on the computer - but then I couldn't blog - and then I couldn't make any money - hey CLICK ON THE ADS OKAY? =)

TaTa for now!
diana lynn

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