Thursday, September 2, 2010

hey BLOG - what's new?

hi!  hey!  hi!  

so as i write this ... i am listening to sam wind up something .... i won't go in there to see what it is he is winding up because i don't want him to know, that i know, that he is awake.   he could be building noah's ark II and i wouldn't know because i refuse to succumb to his game to keep me awake ... nevertheless....i am awake and blogging about his winding action....someone throw me a life jacket!

i am watching "jersey shore".... am i stupid for loving "jerseylious" better?  i could really care less about, "the situation" and "snookie"..... and all of those other peeps .... but I love, love, love all the staff at the, "gatsby salon" .... i think i spelled that wrong ... 

so a lot of the time after i restart my computer the screen flashes black - it's a REALLLY fast flash and it only happens when the computer isn't plugged in ... probably a virus - dang it 

i am currently laying in bed .... it smells like a hotel.   is that because i am super, duper good at doing laundry or because i suck at it?  hotels are as dirty as they are clean -  i think i just insulted myself ..... dang it. 

my handsome husband is snoring.  i guess that's a fair a trade because i grind my teeth.  you should see me ... i have half a front tooth.  okay - that's not true.   

how pathetic is your life when your husband says, "honey do you want hamms, keystone or milwaukee's best to drink tonight", and then he goes back and says, "no milwaukee's best .... i just can't drink that".  and then i say, " you knew i drank milwaukee's best when you met me - don't judge me!"   that is  a balls to wall true conversation that we had tonight.  not that it matters, but we didn't end up drinking any of the above beers.  oh well.  

sam is currently trying to cox me into bringing him some more water.  his pediatrician told me that he was going to be a politician ....  i would have to agree.  i was ready to dig him a fresh water well just now.  damn that kid is good!  

sam told me tonight he wanted some chocolate milk.  i said no way.  i did however pour him some plain milk.  he decided to pour some chocolate into his mouth after he slammed his milk.  then he started dancing around acting like a fool and rubbing his tummy.  i asked him what the heck he was doing .... he told me he was making his own chocolate milk since i "couldn't".   i told him to milk the chocolate cow.  he didn't understand.  

can anyone tell me why someone would have to buy a dog for medical reasons?  besides being blind.....i am clueless.......  

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