Sunday, May 4, 2014

We all have sunburn...

Sunburn. Yes. Sunburn.  Can you believe it?  After having the looongest winter since - who knows - we finally have burnt our skin.  Gross, right?  No. Not at all.  My kids were desperately craving some vitamin D that can't be found in stores. J and I were also in need of some TLC from Mother Nature.  Good day.  

We had this crazy-evil vine that the previous owners of our home planted.  If I had only 3 questions to ask before I died, one of my questions would be to her: Why the hello kitty did you plant this evil, evil vine right next to to the house?  

OKAY STOP RIGHT THERE....I just saw this one Facebook.  The thing about this picture that terrifies me the most ... I believe it and I believe if it isn't already will.  Very soon.  Yikes to the yikes.  

*I got this off of Facebook ...

Now that we all had a privacy breakdown, let's get back to that stupid vine that was growing outside my house.  Well..that's really it.  It's dead now.  We dug 'er up and paraded around the yard with the root in hand, celebrating it's death.  Die evil vine...die.  

I am sad tomorrow is Monday.  I am always sad on Sundays.  Starting the week all over again is sometimes very overwhelming.  I am desperate to find a new soup recipe.  I feel like we have made every soup known to man.  

Here's to an always better tomorrow - cheers!

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